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Nyxettes Celebrate Founders Day this August

Five short years ago, the NOLA Nyxettes prepared to hit the streets of New Orleans for the first time ever.  Since 2012, the Nyxettes have broadened theirresume and left their mark on the great city of New Orleans. The team has danced in an average of 8 parades per season; including expanding to the Northshore, 3 NBA Primetime performances, and have added a new Ball performance to this year's schedule in addition to Nyx. On average, each Nyxette marches 40 miles per season; registering between 12,000 and 15,000 pedometer steps per parade, and dedicates an average of 75-80 hours for practice per year. Since their parade debut in Nyx 2014, the NOLA Nyxettes have danced almost 150 miles combined.

Members reminisce about their decision to become a Nyxette:

"Being a part of the Nola Nyxettes for 4 years has really been the best decision I could make restore my passion for dancing. I was missing something from my younger years of when I used to be very involved on my high school dance team. I am so glad I made the decision to audition back in 2014 and have the opportunity to continue dancing and providing entertainment for people of this great city! The Nola Nyxette Sisterhood has been an added bonus by making great connections with so many inspiring ladies. They keep me encouraged to grow stronger in my leadership roles both in life and on the team. Looking forward to the continued growth and Nyxcitment for many years to come."   

Marissa Leal

Member Since 2014

Mid-Point & Committees Liaison

Marissa Leal Member Since 2014 Mid-Point & Committees Liaison

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